November 28, 2023

EP. 233 — Nicole Needs More Protein, Baby!

Hey friends! Nicole needs more protein. Sasheer shares a Twitter thread of a woman who got pregnant from a man who didn’t go through with a vasectomy surgery. Nicole shares a thread of a woman who shared her baby up for adoption. Sasheer shares a story of a couple who had a surprise baby on their wedding day. Nicole shares a story of a tiny woman giving birth to a big baby. Sasheer discusses past WWE wrestler Chyna. Nicole considers the thought of training as a WWE wrestler. Sasheer would support this. Nicole wants to know what WAS The Rock “Dwayne” Johnson cooking.  Nicole has a lot to say about a subpar experience she had at a Delta lounge. They do a Buzzfeed quiz and explore which Disney animated animals are the hottest. Plus, they both answer a friendship question about a falling out which led to communicating via memes.


This was recorded Nov. 6th, 2023.




The Rock Finally Reveals What The Rock’s Been Cooking, and…Dang


Here is the quiz we took:


Disney’s Hottest Animated animal characters, Ranked –


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:



  NICOLE: Hi, Sasheer.   SASHEER: What did you slam?   NICOLE: Pure protein. Complete protein shake and strawberry milkshake.   SASHEER: Oh, my goodness. So much protein.   NICOLE: I don’t get enough protein. So, I started drinking protein shakes.   SASHEER: Smart. Very smart.   NICOLE: I’ve learned I don’t get enough of a lot of stuff.   SASHEER: Okay. All right. Is this, like, food specific, or is this something else?   NICOLE: I’m talking about love, affection, protein– No, I’m kidding. Just protein. Yeah. Yeah. Like, my doctor was like, “Get more protein, baby.” She didn’t say “baby.” She has no bedside manner. She was just like, “Eat more–consume more–protein. Goodbye.”   SASHEER: If she did say “baby,” I think that would also be bad bedside manner.   NICOLE: I would love it. I would love it so much. She’s like, “G

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