December 5, 2023

EP. 234 — Sasheer Takes Her Annual Pole Class

Hey friends! Sasheer watched the musical Rent and it still holds up. Nicole and Sasheer do a pole dance and they are both sore. Sasheer feels she only needs to take it once a year. Nicole couldn’t live her life as a nun because they get up too early. Sasheer couldn’t be a nun either. Nicole wonders what is under those nun robes. Sasheer wore fishnet stockings during her graduation ceremony. Nicole went to school to make friends… not to learn. Sasheer always did her homework while Nicole just did enough to get by. They are both amazed that North West can eat an onion raw, like an apple. No quiz this week but Nicole and Sasheer answer your friendship questions about hooking up with friends, setting up a complaint night and more.


This was recorded Nov. 06th, 2023.



North West Eats Raw Onions Like Apples And The Internet Is In Shambles


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:



  SASHEER: Okay. I’m recording.   NICOLE: I’m recording. I never stopped.   SASHEER: Oh, look at you.   NICOLE: It’s gonna be one big file. Can you believe it?   SASHEER: I’m giving little doses to Jordan. Chapters.   NICOLE: Hi, Sasheer.   SASHEER: Hi, Nicole.   NICOLE: How are you?   SASHEER: I’m good. I watched Rent last night, and I texted you while I was watching. And… Dramatic. Very dramatic.   NICOLE: Very dramatic, but also very good and of its time.   SASHEER: Also, like, not not of this time. I was like, “This holds up extremely well.” I mean, obviously the stuff is dated to the AIDS Epidemic in the ’80s. But–I don’t know–it just didn’t feel old for some reason.   NICOLE: No because in 2023, we’re “How are we gonna pay this year’s rent?” And people are cold. They gotta light candles.   SASHEER: Sometimes the pow

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