November 21, 2023

EP. 232 — Re-Release: Sasheer Doesn’t Have A Favorite Color! – LIVE

This week, we’ve got a couch! And we’re live from the Netflix Is A Joke festival! We discuss the size of pyramids, Sasheer meeting Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the app Sasheer tells if she’s horny, pornhub – ever heard of it?, if Sasheer would travel 16 hours for a hot dog, and if Nicole got power hungry on the set of Nailed It. They take a quiz to find what bird they would be in another life, and learn if having a duck is feasible for Nicole. They answer listener questions about an office threesome, mushroom birthday presents, and lots of wonderful questions from our audience!


Here is the quiz we took this week:


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:



  NICOLE: Hi, friends. It’s Nicole.   SASHEER: And Sasheer here. We hope you’re enjoying your holiday season.   NICOLE: This week we’re taking some time off. So, we’re sharing one of our favorite episodes where we recorded live from the Netflix Is A Joke Festival last year.   SASHEER: It was so much fun. We discussed the size of pyramids, how I met Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, and if Nicole got power hungry on the set of Nailed It!   NICOLE: We hope you enjoy it.   SASHEER: A couch.   NICOLE: Yes, I know how luxurious!   SASHEER: Really stretch out.   NICOLE: That’s nice.   SASHEER: Nice. This is cushy.   NICOLE: I will say this cushion’s a little thin.   SASHEER: I do feel the wood underneath.   NICOLE: It feels very woody. Thank you, guys, for coming out!   SASHEER: Thank you for coming!   NICOLE: Did you guys see that fire truck outside?   SASHEER: There was two.   NIC

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