September 5, 2023

EP. 221 — Nicole Wants To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in August!

It’s Friendship time! This week, Nicole feels rested but a little nervous to get back to pole dancing. Sasheer wants to go to a flea market because she needs more wall art. Nicole is an art connoisseur but she agrees, it can be expensive to buy and frame. Sasheer is still on a lot of estate email lists. Nicole is excited to wear a hot pink jump suit. Sasheer is going to wear her red jumpsuit. Nicole thinks they should celebrate Valentine’s Day in August…. because of the outfits of course. Sasheer wonders why some people celebrate Christmas in July. Nicole visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Sasheer wants a shower more than anything else. Nicole shares how she manifested a ride in Mykonos, Greece. They both answer questions about a friend figuring out why a pandemic friendship fizzled out and how to deal with a friend who doesn’t make room to check in on their life.


This was recorded on August 18th, 2023.





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