August 29, 2023

EP. 220 — Sasheer Is Better at Pilates Than Expected! w/ Kenny DeForest & David Drake

Friends, it’s time for….. Besting Each Other with comedians Kenny DeForest and David Drake!  Kenny knew he was going to be friends with David when he saw David crush at an open mic and the crowd went crazy when he rapped an epic freestyle. David loves going on “boys trips” with Kenny, especially their trip to San Antonio, Texas. Kenny loves that David speaks plain and straight to the point. David doesn’t like it when Kenny asks him to be involved in bad sketch ideas while Kenny hates it when David  just says “It’s fine man.” Sometimes… it’s not fine!  They both think Kenny would do better on the show Survivor and after multiple tries, in 20 years they both want to be doing well in the industry and have David’s daughter and Kenny’s future daughter to be friends.  Together, Nicole and Sasheer determine whether or not they are friends!


This was recorded August 30th, 2023.


Check out Kenny DeForest’s new comedy special “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” on his YouTube page or go to


Check out all of David Drake’s comedy specials, shows and projects, go to



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