March 5, 2024

EP. 247 — Sasheer Learns About Destroy Dick December

Hey friends! This week, Nicole and Sasheer discuss suspicious leaks in and around their homes. Nicole had an orange cat visit her and so did Sasheer. Sasheer likes to think her cat is respected by the coyotes. Nicole wishes Clyde would let her get to know the cat. Sasheer and Nicole have seen skunks and they’re big. Nicole asks what to do if a house is sliding towards you. Sasheer thinks you just become the Wicked Witch of the West. Nicole wishes she could sing like Liza Minnelli. Sasheer learns that there is a Black Women’s History Month. Nicole asks about all the monthly observances. Sasheer learns about Destroy Dick December. Nicole thinks she’s going to celebrate that month for sure. They answer questions from listeners about a friend talking badly about how they take care of their dog, feeling like the third wheel, and how to approach strangers in real life!


This was recorded on Feb 08th, 2024



Wizard of Oz Stolen Ruby Slippers


Black Women’s History Month


List of month long observances


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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