November 14, 2023

EP. 231 — Nicole Would Marry a Door with Jordana Abraham & Jared Freid

Hey Besties! Nicole shares how she learned some people marry objects. If Sasheer were to marry an object, it would be a chair while Nicole would marry a door. They also welcome Jordana Abraham and Jared Freid to playing Besting Each Other. Jordana first met Jared during a Betches of Comedy event in DC. Jared’s favorite memory of Jordana is that she loves a Starbucks! Jordana loves that Jared is hilarious and Jared loves that Jordana is straightforward. Jordana wishes that Jared would say no more and Jared believes Jordana wishes he would listen to her dating advice. They both agreed that Jordana would do better on Survivor than Jared. Together they host the U UP? podcast on the Betches podcast network.


This was recorded October 26th, 2023.




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