Runaway Brains Chapter 2

Earwolf Presents #47 May 11, 2016

Runaway Brains, a new Howl original comedy mini-series about man, machine, and everything in between. “Weird Al” Yankovic plays Watson, the “Jeopardy”- winning supercomputer who just wants to make new friends and find the answer to the clue “What is Love?” Watson must go on the lam with his old “Jeopardy” rival Ken Jennings searching for a clue to what else do I do with my life but answer trivia questions fast? In Episode 2, Ken and Watson go to hackers to get help extricating Watson’s secret… but instead get framed by an Evil Genius. Guest starring: Lauren Lapkus and Mayim Bialik. To hear the rest of the story, told week-by-week, sign up for Howl Premium today. Use the promo code BRAINS at, and get your first month free.

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