March 19, 2024

EP. 249 — Sasheer Caught a Neighbor Throwing Leaves in Her Driveway!

Best Friends! How are you this week?  Sasheer gets stuff done around the house, with the help of a friend’s husband. Nicole doesn’t believe she’s good at household projects but wishes she could build a shelf. Sasheer just adjusted her curtain rods and she’s proud. Nicole is amazed that at Home Depot, you can find all the things relating to your home… except food (except snacks). Sasheer has a lot of macramé things in her home. Nicole has bronze giraffes, a flamingo lamp and haunted piggy bank in her house.  Sasheer learns that Jason Statham is for the people. Nicole got Sasheer into the Fast and Furious franchise. Sasheer had a neighbor who walked around in their birthday suit. Nicole wants to know what Clyde (her dog) is thinking but doesn’t want to teach him how to use the dog buttons. Clyde bit one of Nicole’s neighbors while Sasheer caught a neighbor pouring leaves onto her driveway. They answer your friendship questions about the curious case of a stinky co-worker and try to figure out how Nicole magically ended up at a Nordstrom Rack.


This was recorded on February 28th, 2024.


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.  


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