March 12, 2024

EP. 248 — Nicole Is Into Skydiving

Hey Friends! This week, Sasheer is sore from indoor skydiving. Nicole wants to go skydiving, for real. Sasheer does not. Nicole had sushi the other day. Sasheer is proud of Nicole because she doesn’t like to try new things. Nicole believes it’s her year to try new things. Sasheer is taking drum lessons. Nicole thinks Sasheer should get a full drum kit. Sasheer thinks it will take up too much space. Jordan is taking drum lessons too! Nicole learns about traveling with instruments, specifically drums. Sasheer and Jordan didn’t know that there are traveling strippers. Nicole shares that dancers have to break down the pole and the stage. Sasheer and Nicole prefer stationary poles when they take pole classes. They take a BuzzFeed quiz and answer your questions about how to get over being cheated on and what to do with an overcommunicative friend.


This was recorded February 28th, 2024.




Delicious Orchards


How Long Can You Freeze Mac &  Cheese?,may%20no%20longer%20be%20good.


Hot Cross Bun Lyrics


Three Blind Mice Lyrics


Here is the quiz we took:

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