December 20, 2022

EP. 184 — Sasheer Will Have a Glass of Hot Water with Lauren Lapkus & Laura Willcox – Re-Release

Happy Holidays! Our present to you is this classic episode from behind the paywall! On this week’s episode, best friends Lauren Lapkus and Laura Willcox join Nicole & Sasheer for another round of Besting Each Other. Laura shares their UCB roots, maintaining a long distance friendship, texting vs. calling, and Lauren’s unique eating habits. Then, Lauren joins to explain how kombucha is brewed, tears up discussing how meaningful her and Laura’s friendship is, and goes deep on her new “job” curating The Bachelor clips for instagram. Together in the room, Laura & Lauren talk with Nicole & Sasheer favorite travel memories, dolphins, and silicon vagina models.


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  Sasheer [00:00:03] Happy holidays, everyone. We’re going to take a week off to celebrate, but we are not leaving you high and dry. We are going to rerelease a classic Best Friends episode from behind the paywall, where we play Besting Each Other with best friends Laura Wilcox and Lauren Lapkus. You might have seen Laura on Inside Amy Schumer or You’re the Worst. And you might know Lauren Lapkus from Good Girls, The Wrong Missy, or on her podcast with Nicole, Newcomers. This episode is so sweet. And it’s genuine. And it’s funny. And you can tell that the love is real, palpable, and heartwarming. The perfect holiday episode with friends. Enjoy, and have a great holiday season.   Nicole [00:01:00] So this segment we call–   Sasheer [00:01:04] Besting Each Other. What were you going to say?   Nicole [00:01:08] I didn’t know. I just knew our show is called Best Friends and this was a segment, and I figured you would get it right. &nb

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