September 16, 2021

EP. 76 — Sophie Morgan

Disability-rights activist, writer, and tv presenter Sophie Morgan joins Jameela this week to discuss how the pandemic has influenced the conversation around disability rights, why it’s worthwhile for everything to be disability-friendly, growing to accept that you are not a burden, Sophie’s journey with her own disability, and her new podcast with Sinead Burke – Equal Too. Listen to Equal Too wherever you get your podcasts.


Sophie’s list of disability voices to follow:
Eddie Ndopu (@eddiendopu)
Caroline Casey (@carolinecaseyhere)
Marlee Matlin (@themarleematlin)
Imani Barbarin (@crutches_and_spice)
Keely Cat Wells (@keely_cat_wells)
Jillian Mercado (@jillianmercado)
Ali Stroker (@alistroker)
Judy Heumann (@theheumannperspective)
Andrea Lavant (@andraealavant)
Jim LeBrecht (@jimlebrecht)
Aaron Rose Philip (@aaron___philip)
Chella Man (@chellaman)
LoLo Spencer (@itslololove)
Shane Burcaw (@shaneburcaw)
Shannon Finnegan (@shanfinnegan)
Suzy Byrne (@suzybie)
Christine Sun Kim (@chrisunkim)
Nyle Di Marco (@nylediMarco)


Jameela: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. I hope you’re well. I’m good. I’m a bit fatigued. Online discourse is getting out of control. Uh, a lot of infighting amidst liberals and progressives and the left in general, lots of self cannibalizing. I think people’s reactions to AOC and her dress at the Met gala were quite frustrating and not very well thought out. People speaking before they had all the information, which I’ve certainly been guilty of in the past. But if you want to hear what I said about that, you can find my rant on my Instagram. I’m not going to be subjected to it again here, but I am feeling a bit exhausted by how much time we who want to make change in the world spend nit picking each other and then completely losing focus of the greater task at hand, and while I think it’s really important that we keep each other accountable and criticize each other and and do all of the importan

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