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Sklarbro Country #159 August 9, 2013

The voice maestro, Toby Huss shares the story of his journey from a garage in North Hollywood to the big leagues on today’s Sklarbro Country! Toby tells us about making the choice to take a Greyhound bus from Iowa to New York, how he started working with Mike Judge by doing voices on Beavis and Butthead, and the origin of his character Artie, The Strongest Man In The World. He also gives us a taste of his Frank Sinatra, takes us through what he learned about Clyde Sukeforth’s life in preparation to portray him in the film “42,” and explains where the voice of Kahn of King of The Hill came from. That’s not all, our resident Fantasy-ologist Jesse Thorn has some important tips for those in a Fantasy Summer Camp League just in time for summertime! Citizens of Arizona, come see Randy & Jason perform stand-up at the Tempe Improv on Thursday, August 15th through Saturday August 17th! Get your tickets at

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