April 16, 2024

EP. 202 — Suit Warehouse

This week we’re breaking down “Suit Warehouse”. Clark brings the office a new espresso machine causing everyone to have way too much caffeine and they get wild. Meanwhile, Darryl goes to Philly to interview for Athlead and Pam tags along. We hear audio clips from the director of this episode and “The Office” cinematographer, Matt Sohn, who shares some fun tidbits about making this episode! Angela breaks down how the Athlead office was made and Jenna points out all the times the carpet had to be replaced on “The Office” set. So it’s time to pay your wig storage bill, celebrate with a mid-range basketball shot and enjoy this episode because YOLO!


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Jenna [00:00:03] I’m Jenna Fischer.  Angela [00:00:04] And I’m Angela Kinsey.  Jenna [00:00:06] We were on The Office together.  Angela [00:00:07] And we’re best friends.  Jenna [00:00:08] And now we’re doing the ultimate Office rewatch podcast just for you.  Angela [00:00:12] Each week, we will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you.  Jenna [00:00:19] Were the Office Ladies. Hello! Angela [00:00:24] Hey. Good morning.  Jenna [00:00:26] Did this episode make you want to buy a new suit?  Angela [00:00:30] No, it did not.  Jenna [00:00:31] Did it make you want to throw a basketball into a fish tank and electrocute a bunch of fish?  Angela [00:00:35] No!  Jenna [00:00:36] Of course not.  Angela [00:00:38] Did it make you want a lot of coffee?  Jenna [00:00:41] It did not. I did laugh at this episode.  Angela [00:00:46] I laughed a whole bunch.  Jenna [00:00:47]

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