August 24, 2023

EP. 326 — Switch LIVE! (w/ Jessica St. Clair)

HDTGM all-star Jessica St. Clair (The Deep Dive) joins Paul, June, & Jason to break down the 1991 body swap comedy Switch starring Ellen Barkin & Jimmy Smits. LIVE from the Wilbur Theater in Boston, the crew discuss the hot tub murder scene, the protagonist’s homophobia, the ad agency boss’ perm, and the restaurant exclusively for slow-dancing lesbians. Plus, they ask “Is the learning curve for walking in high heels 50 days?” and “Would this movie have been better if the ex-girlfriends were witches?”


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Paul Scheer [00:00:01] A movie that proves the hardest thing about being a woman is walking in high heels. We saw Switch, so you know what that means.   Music [00:00:17] [Intro Song]   Paul Scheer [00:01:06] Hello people of Earth, and hello people of Boston! We are live at the Wilbur Theater in Boston for the first show of our Balcony Monsters tour. And let me hear you, Balcony Monsters! We’re talking about a movie tonight. The year is 1981, and Steve used to have a preference for blonds. Then Steve was murdered and came back as one. Will being a woman make him a better man? That’s the premise of this movie. Someone is murdered for simply being promiscuous and then is forced to come back as a woman to see if any women would like. I don’t know. It’s confusing when you actually stop and think about it. All you need to know is that Ellen Barkin is playing a man with a New York accent. We’ll get into all of that. But to break this movie down properly

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