November 30, 2021

EP. 9 — The Ballad of Mount Doogie Dowler

The story of a man who fought a bear and lived to tell the tale.

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Seth [00:00:14] Honestly, like if you asked me, like, what is the most interesting story you know? My answer would probably be my best friend’s brother in law was attacked by a bear. A few years ago, I was hanging out with my very, very, very, very good friends, Ben and Melanie and Mel, who grew up on Quadra Island in northern British Columbia, started to tell me and my wife Lauren a story about how her brother Colin was recently attacked and viciously mauled by a grizzly bear while trying to climb a mountain, Mount Doogie-Dowler, which was named after their grandfather. Do you remember telling me the story?   Melanie Dowler [00:00:57] I do. I do remember telling you, Yeah.   Seth [00:01:00] This is my friend Melanie Dowler.   Melanie Dowler [00:01:02] I think you were pretty amazed, like it held the table. You know, we talked about it and it sort of has that tendency. Yeah. And I- one thing I do remember is in the morning, Lauren, she said, like, I was just thinking about it

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