November 16, 2021

EP. 7 — Ugly Joke

A 20-year-old waiter from Georgia makes a joke that haunts him forever. A comedic lesson in Karma featuring Yassir Lester.


Seth [00:00:19] Ah. Welcome to Storytime with Seth Rogan. Today’s episode: Ugly Joke. Where does your story start?   Speaker 2 [00:00:36] My story starts in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, like 30 miles northwest. Two thousand four.   Seth [00:00:46] So what year were you born?   Yassir Lester [00:00:48] I was born in 1984.   Seth [00:00:50] 1980- So you’re 20 years old.   Yassir Lester [00:00:52] I’m 20 years old at the time. Yeah. Yeah.   Seth [00:00:54] OK. The voice you’re hearing is Yassir Lester, a writer, actor, comedian, all around showman extraordinaire. Can I say that? I just fucking did, so deal with it. I’ve known Yassir for years. He’s on a TV show I produce, Black Monday, and he writes for the show as well. And Yassir has a story about comedy, the power it wields and how it is a blade that can cut your opponent but can slice you to the core as well. How’s that?   SINGERS [00:01:43] Story time. Story time, yeah.   Y

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