November 9, 2021

EP. 6 — Hey Me!

Ashley Ray tells the story of a TV show that changed her mom’s life. Featuring Ashley’s mom, Sharon, and Academy-Award-winning filmmaker, Ava DuVernay (Selma, 13th, Queen Sugar).

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Seth [00:00:15] Welcome to story time. Today’s episode: Hey, me.   Singers [00:00:19] Hey, Me. Hey, Me. Hey, Me.   Seth [00:00:29] This story is about- get this- stories. The power of storytelling and how stories, even ones that play on basic cable, actually have the power to change people’s lives. This story starts with my friend Ashley Ray Harris. But like any good story, it does not end with her. No. This story takes some twists and turns and has some incredible surprises. A good story that in and of itself is a testament to the power of a good story on a podcast that is itself about storytelling.   Singers [00:01:08] A story that’s about storytelling on the podcast Storytime with Seth Rogen.   Seth [00:01:14] I would say it’s too good to be true, but it’s not. This is true as fuck. Now to get us started, here’s Ashley. To you, where does this story start?   Ashley Ray Harris [00:01:31] Honestly, the story starts from the beginning from birth

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