The Leonard Maltin Game

Sklarbro Country #12 October 15, 2010

Things get sexy in Sklarbro Country this week! Randy and Jason discuss Brett Farve’s revealing pictures and voice mail, James Wisniewski’s inappropriate gesture towards Sean Avery, and Kevin Thornton from Color Me Badd’s gospel singing career. So, maybe that last one doesn’t seem so sexy, but once you hear it you will be convinced. Podcaster, pot-smoker, and comedian Doug Benson discusses his upcoming Comedy Central show and his favorite clubs to perform at before breaking out a round of The Leonard Maltin Game from his popular podcast Doug Loves Movies. After a round of Quick Hits, The Sklar’s welcome in their most famous guest to date, former president Bill Clinton, who presents his own opinions about Brett Favre’s sexual promiscuity. It might go without saying, but don’t forget to check out the Earwolf store and leave us comments here and on iTunes!

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