May 4, 2023

EP. 318 — Torque LIVE! (w/ Jon Gabrus)

Jon Gabrus (101 Places to Party Before You Die) joins the HDTGM crew to break down the 2004 motorcycle action flick Torque, a film that answers the question, “What if rap rock was a movie?” They discuss Ice Cube’s sticky cell phone, the Carpe Diem jacket, Dane Cook’s cameo, and so much more. Plus, Torque co-star Adam Scott sends in a message detailing his experience on the movie and Gabrus performs a SHOCKING act to protect his fellow Long Islanders from danger.


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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] It’s one thing to say seize the day, but you really know that you mean it when you wear a leather jacket that says Carpe diem. We saw Torque! So you know what that means.  Music [00:01:06] [Intro Song].  Paul Scheer [00:01:11] Hello people of Earth and hello people of Los Angeles! We are live here at Largo, our home in L.A.. It is 4/20. And this is a perfect movie to celebrate this amazing holiday. The film Torque, a film made by the same people who made Fast and Furious. They said, We did it with cars. Let’s do with motorcycles. They figured it out. Now, when this film was made, oh, let’s see, in 2004, it did not spawn as many sequels as the Fast and Furious franchise. So sorry, but we do get this film with How Did This Get Made all star Adam Scott as a FBI agent who might be the best part of the entire movie. But if you’ve not seen the film, how can I sum it up? Well, it’s complex. It’s about a guy who likes motorcycles, ge

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