May 18, 2023

EP. 319 — The Fast and the Furious LIVE! (w/ Seth Rogen)

Seth Rogen joins the HDTGM Fast Family to go back to the franchise’s inception with 2001’s The Fast and the Furious, a movie where the big villain is a scared trucker trying to save his VCRs. LIVE from Largo in LA, they cover Dom & Letty’s romantic motorboat, the cops’ cappuccino obsession, the origins of Race Wars, and the difference between wet and dry NOS. Plus, Seth shares F&F producer Neal Moritz’s lesson on “logic vs. cool” and June reveals she had no idea that Brian used to be a cop.



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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] For those who live life one quarter of a mile at a time. Let’s go menage. We saw The Fast and the Furious. So you know what that means!  Music [00:00:19] [Intro Song] Paul Scheer [00:01:08] Hello, people of Earth! And hello, people of Largo! We are here in Los Angeles. Going back to where it all started. Torreto. 2001, the country was in disarray. And this movie brought us all back. I bet that if you went up to anyone as they left the theater, they would be shocked if you said in 2023 they’ll still be making these movies. What is shocking about this movie? Well, a lot of things. They’re not superheroes. Cars act like cars. The team is smaller, but yet still robust. We’ll get into all the specifics of it, but surprise, surprise. Paul Walker is a cop who is embedded in the L.A. automotive scene to find out who is behind the hijacking of big rigs full of, you guessed it, DVD TV combo players. This operation is a joint FBI, LAPD operation. Br

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