What’s Your Hub?

Who Charted? #201 October 8, 2014

Kicking off Rocktober is Put Your Hands Together & Wham Bam Pow host Cameron Esposito on this week’s WHO CHARTED! Cameron tells us about her late night experiences in which she performed in front of Jay Leno & Ke$ha, everyone shares their favorite hub, and police officers are up for discussion as we count down the TOP 5 BILLBOARD HOT ROCK SONGS MUSIC CHART. We also hear Cameron & Kulap bond over their fascination with learning the stories behind Horror films during the MOVIE CHART. Plus, Cameron shares the story of her craziest circus gig, her thoughts on Saved By The Bell, and her love of Celine Dion as she answers your questions during the TWEET CHART!


Don’t forget to pick up ‘Summah This, Summah That’ at http://howardkremer.bandcamp.com/album/summah-this-summah-that and head to http://teespring.com/gucruiseshirt to pick up your very own Gu Cruise T-shirt.

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