A Pound of Spiced Ham

The Fogelnest Files #48 August 1, 2013

Jake visits his longtime pal Jimmy Fallon to catch up on fun times on this week’s edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Jake & Jimmy chat about Woody Allen, the 11th floor at 30 Rock, and recall a story that involves them, Horatio Sanz, and a pound of spiced ham. They also take a look at a drunk Ed McMahon on The Tonight Show, Howard Stern on David Letterman in 1985, and one of the greatest SNL sketches that never made it on air. Be sure to leave a review for the new Harry Nilsson box set in the comments section of The Fogelnest Files on iTunes and head over to youtube.com/TheFogelnestFiles for all the videos from today’s episode!

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Jake Fogelnest, Jimmy Fallon - A Pound of Spiced Ham

Jake Fogelnest, Jimmy Fallon - Plate Boy and Cup Boy

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