Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

Who Charted? #140August 7, 2013

Kulap welcomes special guest co-host Armen Weitzman to help countdown the charts with CBB’s own Scott Aukerman in an emotional episode of Who Charted! We learn a little bit about Armen’s background, what similarities he shares with Howard, and how Tom Cruise changed his life as they countdown the top 5 Billboard Adult Pop Music Chart. They also find out if Scott considers himself to be a Smurf or a Naughty, share a story that occurred while Armen was dog sitting Rocky, and discuss a tale of dating’s past. Will Armen win over Scott by the end of the episode? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Karf!

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Kulap Vilaysack, Armen Weitzman, Scott Aukerman - Postcoital

Kulap Vilaysack, Armen Weitzman, Scott Aukerman - Tom Cruise Changed Armen’s Life

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