February 23, 2023

EP. 151 — Asexuality and Aromanticism with Yasmin Benoit

Activist, model, and writer Yasmin Benoit joins Jameela this week to share her experience and work as an asexual and aromantic person. They discuss misconceptions about the community, the way people respond to her when they find out about her sexuality, the importance of all types of relationships, some of the more ridiculous questions she gets asked, her experience with bullying in school, and more.


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Jameela Intro: Hello and welcome to another episode I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a podcast against shame. Sorry about how sexy I sound right now but I’ve got a bit of a, bit of a bug you know that bug that’s been going around. It’s fucking freezing where I am and wet and cold and miserable and I’m pissed. I am fully pissed. Not in the fun drunk way; in the angry, miserable, self sorry way. And so yeah, having a shit time. If you’re having a shit time I’m right there with you. I’m wearing clothes I have now been wearing for about 8 days and I stink and I look like what can only be described as an actual crust. I’m a crust of a human. I have human and dog food like deeply embedded into my jumper and I have a face like a slapped arse. I just look furious so I don’t know if you’re aroused after hearing that, but I am.    Speaking of aroused, this week we have an excellent conversation one that you have been asking me to find

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