February 21, 2023

EP. 193 — Best Friends Presents: Best Friends With Meatball

We are re-releasing a delightful episode from behind the paywall! Join us on a blast from the past, this week as Nicole and Sasheer are joined by the fabulous Meatball! Together, they discuss Zoom drag shows, stand-up at drive-in movie theaters, getting dressed up with nowhere to go, serving lewks, Meatball’s experience kicking someone out of a club, and that hairy queens matter!


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  Nicole [00:00:02] We are rereleasing for the first time onto the free feed this episode of our premium series, Best Friends’ Friends with Meatball. This was the first time Sasheer met Meatball. It’s really fun, and Meatball’s stories of throwing people out of clubs never grow old. Okay, bye-bye.   Nicole, Sasheer, & Meatball [00:00:16] Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.   Sasheer [00:00:43] Happy New Year.   Nicole [00:00:49] Okay. Wow. Hello, Sasheer.   Sasheer [00:00:51] Hi, Nicole.   Nicole [00:00:53] It’s another epis–   Sasheer [00:00:56] What happened? Did you fall asleep?   Nicole [00:01:00] I started talking. And then you started talking. So, I was going to let you talk. But I was just gonna introduce our podcast.   Sasheer [00:01:09] Yeah, I think you should.   Nicole [00:01:11] This is an episode of Best Friends’ Friends.   Sasheer [00:01:15] It’s like a bonus episode with

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