Electric Daisy Carnival

Who Charted? #218 February 4, 2015

Howard and Kulap welcome to the show Iliza Shlesinger, who helps describe life on a cruise, the importance of working out, and why the Irish can’t be in the sun. Then, in a special “Ultimate EDM Chart” Howard explains what the perfect tune would be for those times when you’re in a dressing room, doing a fitting, designing a costume for Sam Smith. Also, during the movie chart, Iliza helps explain what kind of guy every woman is secretly hoping for, mostly one that isn’t trying kill your whole family. Additionally, Iliza helps the crew assess the business profiles of each of the Shark Tank judges, as well as why the audition process for American Idol is still worth watching. Lastly, Iliza fields questions from Chartists, wherein, she inadvertently defends Howard’s month long defense of the ocean.

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