Feeding a Need (w/ Cate Freedman, Paul Scheer)

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown #61 February 22, 2017

On this weeks episode Casey and Danielle are joined by the adorable, housewives fluent Cate Freedman (Teachers on TV Land) to talk what might be the best episode of Real Housewives in the history of time (“She wanted to lick me down” need we say more?).  They break down what makes the ladies of Atlanta so mean yet loving to each other, what caused Eileen’s pink eye, and what it’s like to be an elderly girl scout.

Plus Paul Scheer chimes in to bring us a recap of The Bachelor hometown visits and Casey forced Danielle to watch Britney Ever After.

This episode is brought to you by Home Chef and Texture.

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