October 19, 2021

EP. 3 — I Like Ike

Actor and improviser Ike Barinholtz tells the story of a lie that went too far.  Featuring Ike’s parents Alan and Peggy.


SETH: Hi, welcome to Storytime with Seth Rogen. Today’s episode: I like Ike.   IKE: Everyone always asks me, how did you get started in comedy? How’d you do it? And this is that story.   SETH: Ike Barinholtz is an actor writer, director, comedian. I worked with him in the ‘Neighbors’ franchise? Is it a franchise? There’s two of them. Sure. It’s a franchise.   I met him for the first time while making ‘Eastbound and Down’. I thought he was a PA, but he was in fact, an actor on the show.   IKE: I was in my hotel room and Danny calls me. He’s like, Hey, what’s up, man? Yeah. You know, Seth Rogen, can you go bring him some weed? I knocked on your door and I was like, what’s up? And you were like, oh thank you!   SETH: I thought you were a PA (laughing).   IKE: You thought I was a PA.   SETH: Yeah. I apologize if I was dismissive of you in any way, shape or form. (Laughing)   IKE: No, no, no. I let it go a couple years ago.   SETH:

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