October 26, 2021

EP. 4 — Let’s Go!

A freak accident in South Africa causes Franklin Leonard to rethink his life plans.
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SETH: Hi, welcome to Storytime with Seth Rogen. This week’s episode: Let’s go.  (dramatic music)  NEWSCASTER 1: So who was that guy getting so much attention from the media this morning? By George, that was John as in John F. Kennedy Jr.  SETH: In 1995, JFK Jr. Founded George magazine.   NEWSCASTER 2: In this extraordinary magazine,   NEWSCASTER 3: George looks red hot.   SETH: The first cover of the magazine featured supermodel, Cindy Crawford dressed up kind of like a sexy George Washington which to this day stirs some very complicated feelings in me. George was kind of like a Rolling Stone magazine for the politically interested. Kind of like a cool political magazine at a time when politics themselves were kind of cool.   SETH: And its editor was JFK Jr. who was a rising socialite, gaining national media attention of his own.   NEWSCASTER: What it won’t have is gossip about John Jr.   FRANKLIN: I was working there the summer he did the nude cover.   SETH

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