Into the Thunderdome

improv4humans #193 June 25, 2015

Andy Daly, Peter Gwinn, and Amanda Sitko join Matt Besser and witness listeners get into the Case Closed Thunderdome and settle the Sun Kil Moon debate on this week’s improv4humans! We’ll also hear what it would be like if your name became slang for a curse word, if you had a teacher who enjoys watching you cheat, and the consequences of an uncle taking a birthday joke toward his nephew too far. New York: improv4humans with Matt Besser will be LIVE at the Del Close Marathon this Saturday (6/27) at the UCBeast from 1-5pm. Make sure to get the Upright Citizens Brigade television show season 3 now available on DVD, the UCB Comedy Improv Manual, and Dragoon’s new album at!

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