September 21, 2023

EP. 328 — Jonathan Livingston Seagull LIVE!

The HDTGM crew are LIVE from the Beacon Theatre in New York to break down the 1973 tale of a rebellious young seagull who just wants to fly fast and ends up… in outer space?! Despite June insisting the movie made her feel “not well”, they discuss Neil Diamond’s nonsense soundtrack, Jonathan’s whispery voice, the film’s religious undertones, and much more. Plus, we hear compelling evidence that this film could be on the list of crimes committed by the Nixon administration.


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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] In a word, this movie is unbelieva-gull. We saw Jonathan Livingston Seagull so you know what that means!   Music [00:00:36] [Intro Song]   Paul Scheer [00:01:07] Hello, people of Earth and hello people of New York! We are live at the Beacon. Back here. We haven’t been here in years. And when we’re back, we brought the best. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Don’t adjust the sound on your podcast. This audience loves it. They were excited. People were lining up. You should see all the seagull costumes we have in the audience. Now, if you don’t know about this movie, let me tell you a little bit about it. It’s about a seagull who yearns to be fast but learns how to time travel. Came out in 1973. Neil Diamond did all the music. Neil Diamond sued this movie. Because not enough of his music was in it. So the credits are 6 minutes so they could dump three more Neil Diamond songs in it. But I bet you none of you watch the whole credits

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