May 11, 2023

EP. 318.5 — Last Looks: Torque

Jason & Paul answer listener calls on the Help Line, Paul digs into Corrections and Omissions from Torque, shares a bonus scene from last week’s episode, and announces next week’s movie.



Crimetown Podcast: Divine Providence


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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] How to promote your small business? How much is the price of meth? And Jason and Paul, that’s me. Help solve your problems. All of this and more on today’s Last Looks. Hit the theme.  Music [00:00:28] [Intro Song]  Paul Scheer [00:00:34] Carpe diem. To all you shoulder to shoulder, urinators. I’m your biker gang leader, Paul Scheer And welcome to How Did This Get Made Last Looks where you, the listener, get to voice your issues on Torque? Jason and I answer phone calls on the help line and we reveal next week’s movie. Plus, I’ll share an exclusive bonus scene from our last episode at the end of this episode. But first things first, a big shout out to Dan from Rochester for that amazing theme song. Dan I hope that’s Rochester, New York. And if it is, man, I’ve been there. I’m glad you’re keeping the people of Rochester warm with your lyrics and your soul. If you’re not from Rochester, who cares? You kno

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