June 8, 2023

EP. 166 — Mattxiv (Matt Bernstein)

Activist and beauty influencer Mattxiv (aka Matt Bernstein) joins Jameela this week to discuss how to be hopeful while so much anti-lgbtq+ legislation is being encouraged, how he became a social advocate, why you don’t have to be an influencer to have influence, his journey to understanding that his mental health wasn’t a checklist to be completed, beauty standards in the gay community, and more.
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  [00:00:00] Jameela Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. I hope you enjoy today’s chat. It is with one of my favorite social media voices and presences, Matt Bernstein, who you’ll know is Matt XIV, perhaps. He is a fabulous, funny, smart, scarily young man who talks a lot specifically around gay rights, queer rights, the whole LGBTQIA plus community, and has an amazing knack for breaking things down, very complex and upsetting public circumstances down in a way that we can all digest and unpacking them in a way that is palatable and memorable and grabbing. And he’s been working on making that content that he makes, not only for those who agree and already care, but for those who might not care or understand. He’s very, very talented as a communicator, and I always look to his work whenever something terrible happens because what he says and how he talks about it really helps me guide how I feel or how to even make sense of so

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