January 4, 2022

EP. 134 — Nicole Cried On Her Ice-Cream

BING BING BONG! Happy New Year! Nicole and Sasheer catch up about a mean bartender, moaning in your sleep, crying over ice-cream, if we are a periodic table, why teachers were mean to Sasheer, what Peppa Pig is really about, that this podcast is really just Blues Clues, and Nicole’s hair care. Then, they answer listener questions on getting a book back after a friend break-up (which Sasheer can relate to), hear from a listener who recommends snore-solving techniques as well as informs us that wearing socks during sex leads to better orgasms, and then wrap things up by talking about beds. It’s fun!

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(424) 645-7003

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June 6, 2023

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