July 6, 2023

EP. 322.5 — Re-Release: Jaws 3-D

Last Looks will return in two weeks! For now, enjoy a HDTGM summer classic as Paul, June, and Jason discuss the 1983 action thriller Jaws 3-D. They talk about old school jet skis, why SeaWorld would agree to being in the movie, all of the non-sharks kissing each other on the mouth, and more. Plus, June shares a story about picking up pizzas with Paul for a holiday get together with friends (that Jason wasn’t invited to) and Paul shares an embarrassing story from his youth. (Originally released 07/04/2019)


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Paul Scheer [00:00:00] Hello, people of Earth. This week we are taking a July 4th holiday break from Last Looks and instead we are rereleasing a How Did This Get Made classic episode, the 1983 action thriller Jaws 3D. All right. This episode came out in July 2019, right after our Serenity episode that we also just rereleased for our last Matinee Monday. And fun fact, these two episodes together contain the complete origin story for my nickname Tall John. So you finally get the full story right here, back to back episodes. And since there are no Last Looks today, I wanted to tell you all that next week’s movie will be the 2004 tween comedy Sleepover, recorded Live from Largo in L.A. with special guest. I’m not going to say it. No, I’m not going to reveal it. It’s a great one. Sleep Over stars Alex Penavega from the Spy Kids movies and also features Jane Lynch, Steve Carell, and very early performances from Brie Larson and Evan Peters. It has a 15% on the Tomatome

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