February 22, 2022

EP. 141 — Sasheer Is Getting A Tattoo Of A Chair

What’s a better group friend hang – in 3s or 4s? And what about an adult camp or a picnic? Travel agents are still a thing. Should Nicole and Sasheer go on a mystery flight/destination? Is that my friend wearing this blond wig, where’s my nose ring? More holiday talk and windows can’t be NAKED. Decorating is fun but a long process. Nicole has the daybed but not the actual bed and Sasheer doesn’t have the matching man pants so they’re not matching. We are getting tattoos today and Sasheer says she loves Nicole and it’s the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to her. But then mayhem and laughter about what tattoos they’re getting, as Nicole forgets which animal she loved the most. A listener checks in with us again but please note there’s some offensive and graphic language quoted in her call around 38 minutes (immediately after the second commercial break) that you may find potentially harmful – so feel free to skip to ‘You’re White Brian’ around 39:48. Everyone can learn from dirty sexxxy talk, and be respectful in the kink. And today’s episode has the full range of emotions. Fin.


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