June 20, 2023

EP. 210 — Sasheer Still Has Her Tap Shoes

Good Afternoon. Here we are! Back with another episode of Best Friends. Nicole does a trampoline workout and boy does it stain her calves. Sasheer is looking forward to Janelle Ginestra’s dance workout and it’s all about that turkey twerking. Nicole took ballet and tap dance as a child. Sasheer took tap dance too and she still has her tap shoes. Sasheer concludes that a muffin is a naked cupcake. Nicole burnt a pizza the other day and Sasheer shares the time she accidentally burnt ramen noodles. They answer a listener’s question about boundaries when dating your best friend’s twin brother. Plus, a listener’s theory behind the reason for a woman having an orgasm in the L.A. Philharmonic orgasm begs the question: would we do that?



Janelle Ginestra and Willdabeast Adams Photo: https://premierbridewisconsin.com/tag/janelle-ginestra/


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[00:00:11] NICOLE: Wow. Good afternoon, Sasheer.   [00:00:14] SASHEER: Wow. Look at this. Look at you.   [00:00:17] NICOLE: Look at you, my friend.   [00:00:20] SASHEER: Look at my friend. Here. On another day.   [00:00:25] NICOLE: On another day. Another slay.   [00:00:27] SASHEER: Is this a new chair?   [00:00:30] NICOLE: Oh, I guess you haven’t seen this. It is a new chair. It is striped.   [00:00:36] SASHEER: Ooh, I like. Good height ’cause you can put your elbow on it.   [00:00:43] NICOLE: Yeah. And there’s room for me and Clyde.   [00:00:48] SASHEER: That’s nice. Yes, please! Move the computer down. Oh.   [00:00:54] NICOLE: There he is.   [00:00:55] SASHEER: Little pup.   [00:00:56] NICOLE: Just snuggled up.   [00:00:57] SASHEER: Nice. That’s nice.   [00:00:59] NICOLE: Have I talked to you about my trampoline?   [00:01:02] SASHEER: No. Are you getting a trampoline? You already

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