December 3, 2020

EP. 35 — Seyi Akiwowo

Seyi Akiwowo, Founder and Executive Director of Glitch, joins Jameela this week to discuss what it means to be a “digital citizen,” being trauma-informed not trauma-led, self-care for black women, the way’s both Seyi and Jameela have learned from their own internet mistakes, and the Glitch’s work in training women how to be safe online as well as challenging giant social media corporations to take more ownership of what happens on their sites. 


IWEIGH-035-20201119-Seyi-ACv01-DYN.mp3   JAMEELA JAMIL [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. Okay. I can’t believe it’s December. That’s terrifying. At least Mariah Carey is on the radio all day, every day, which is the only good thing about this month arriving so soon. I swear it feels like we went into lockdown about a month and a half ago, and yet that was March the 13th, which was all the way at the beginning of the year. So, I don’t know if this should count as three years or not a year at all. I’m not quite sure about how we should have to deal with or respond to this year. But it is extraordinary. And maybe just like you, I’ve come out of it with no skills. I’m just sort of squishier, which is great and fine. And I’m very cuddly and cozy. And I am more socially anxious, generally more anxious, afraid of going back to work, not sure if I remember how to do literally anything other than

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