May 2, 2024

EP. 344 — The Beekeeper LIVE!

Paul, Jason, & June travel to Jason Statham’s home turf of London to tackle 2024’s The Beekeeper—a “top 5 HDTGM movie” that’s basically Death Wish meets an AARP commercial. They discuss Jason Statham and Phylicia Rashad’s sexual chemistry, the gas station mini-gun fight, Jeremy Irons’ monologue, the phishing scam call center/night club, the leaky FBI office ceiling, and so much more. Protect the hive #BEOSWAAAAARM


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  Paul Scheer [00:00:01] Protect the hive at all costs. And protect your motherfucking fingertips from Jason Statham. We saw The Beekeeper! So you know what that means.   Music [00:00:11] [Intro Song]   Paul Scheer [00:01:06] Hello people of Earth! And hello people of London! We are live at the Hackney Empire for our very first show in the UK and boy oh boy, this crowd is ready because this is a movie that takes place in the UK. You may think it doesn’t. But when they pull out of the gas station, it says petrol and the prices are listed in pounds. Jason did not want to leave home, and I don’t doubt him. But you know what? This movie is fucking awesome. How would I describe it? Well, simple. You have the CIA, you have the Secret Service, and then you have The Beekeepers. How many beekeepers? I don’t know. One? And The Beekeeper’s job is to protect the hive. The hive being the United States or the president. There’s a lot of rules. There seems

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