August 19, 2021

EP. 72 — Toxic Diet Culture with Dr. Joshua Wolrich

NHS Surgical Doctor and author Dr. Joshua Wolrich joins Jameela this week to discuss going from an “un-fattening” influencer to an anti-diet ally, his own experience with food insecurity and weight gain, why fat people receive worse medical care, the nuanced science behind weight gain, the dangers behind popular diets like keto and intermittent fasting, and more. Check our Dr. Wolrich’s book – Food Isn’t Medicine – wherever books are sold.


Jameela: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, so I’m really excited about today’s episode. This is someone I’ve wanted to get on the podcast for a really long time. I met him because we were kind of fighting. We were fighting online and in the DMs and then we became friends and then we became allies. And now I just fucking love him. And he is a real blessing in the world, I believe. His name is Dr. Joshua Wolrich. He is an NHS doctor in the United Kingdom. He has a passion for helping people improve their relationship with food. He is one of very few men in the industry who is actually addressing weight stigma and diet culture. And he’s often on Instagram combating nutrition misinformation and fad diets, all the while reminding us that there’s more to health than just our weight. Now, this is someone who used to struggle with eating disorders. This is someone who then even had an Instagram account that was very fat

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