Donate $100 to get a shout-out + signed certificate!

When Earwolf was formed we recorded all our shows in an unairconditioned, too small, probably haunted studio that we all despised. If you listen to any episode recorded in that studio, you will no doubt hear mention of how hot and uncomfortable it was.

So in early 2014 after about as much perspiration and complaining as we could stomach, we moved to a studio that was better equipped for our needs: Air conditioning, internet, a place for guests to sit comfortably when they arrive. Turns out all those things are pretty expensive. The rent, engineers, utilities, furniture, etc., all adds up to about $100 a day, so we’d like to offer you all a chance to sponsor the studio for a day.

Here’s what you receive for your generosity:

  • A sense of pride that can only come from giving the world great comedy!
  • We’ll thank you on-air during a show recorded on your sponsorship day
  • We’ll send you a signed certificate!
  • We’ll love you

If you are really rich and generous, we did leave an open ended section, the “Benefactor Box” for you. Please feel free to solve all of our financial problems with that box. It’s magic.

On-Air Thank You!


Benefactor Box


If you want to donate directly to a particular show rather than for the studio, please go to the show page. Thanks for helping us do what we do!


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