Bride of Chucky

Comedy Bang Bang #134 December 5, 2011

This week’s Comedy Bang Bang serves as a forum to learn about show business from some of the industry’s biggest names. From Kevin Nealon auditioning for Cheers to Ben Schwartz freelancing for Saturday Night Live, you’ll have an earful of exclusive knowledge before you can say “What’s Up Hotdog?” And while Kevin and Ben have their fair share of insider stories, you’ll never believe what Jennifer Tilly has to say about her movies, her manager, her sister, and her breasts. Be sure to pick up your tickets for the 2011 Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Pageant and start getting  yourself in the Christmas spirit with The Complete Comedy Bang Bang Christmas Collection.

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Scott Aukerman, Kevin Nealon, Ben Schwartz - Subjective Holiday Quiz

Scott Aukerman, Kevin Nealon, Ben Schwartz, Amy Phillips - Cheers Reenactment

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