Losing Our Chartginity

Who Charted? #174 April 2, 2014

This week’s WHOOCH has fill in Ku-Ku aka guest co-host Emily V. Gordon & special guest Eliza Skinner joining Howard for the first recording in the new Earwolf studio! A discussion of Rotten Tomatoes & parent leads everyone to jump into the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 Chart to chat about Hollywood clubbing, spin class, and an old romance growing into a new romance. Then, the Movie Chart has the gang talkign about the perfect porn movie, Christian movie theaters, octopus sex, and getting emotional while watching movies on a plane. Later, Eliza tells us of a classic April Fool’s prank she pulled on her parents, her brief interaction with Shaq, and her new podcast idea filled with tears as she answers your questions during the Tweet Chart!


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