improv4humans #165 December 18, 2014

Jon Gabrus, Betsy Sodaro, Eugene Cordero, and Stephanie Allynne enrich their lives by learning how to whistle on this week’s improv4humans with Matt Besser! They’ll also follow an orgasm eater on a date, meet expert booger disposers, and get familiar with a guy who sells his vitamin filled urine. Plus, we figure out what were the steps that went through to put up a misspelled STOP sign in the return of the Mope Report. Make sure to get the Upright Citizens Brigade television show season 3 now available on DVD, the UCB Comedy Improv Manual, Matt Besser’s new comedy album at mattbesser.com, and Dragoon’s new album at dragoongalaxy.bandcamp.com! improv4humans will be back at the UCB Sunset LIVE on December 22nd with a Christmas special. Go to https://www.ucbtheatre.com/ for tickets!

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