March 7, 2023

EP. 195 — Best Friends Presents: Best Friends with Jacob Wysocki

This week we are releasing an episode from behind the paywall. Best Friends Presents: Best Friends Friends! This episode, best friends Nicole and Sasheer bring on their friend Jacob Wysocki. They talk all sorts of zoom activities like drinking games, holding office hours to see friends and family, and even karaoke! Then they respond to questions on what to do when you feel like you’re too busy but friends still hang out without you, when you feel like you’re in a one sided friendship, and when your friend makes a twitter account to use as a public journal.



Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:



  Sasheer: Hi friends. We are celebrating 200 episodes by doing a whole episode where we look back at our favorite moments of the show. And to do that, we need a little help from you. We want to hear your favorite moments from Best Friends. Was it when we wondered about chickens, when we gushed over the TV show You with Penn Badgley, when we decided to name Nicole’s future child Deuteronomy, or any other moment of the show? Leave us a voicemail at 424-645-7003. Or you can email us at And share with us what your favorite moment has been and why. And if you say what episode it is or even give a timestamp, Kimmie-on-the-keys will be so grateful and will love you forever. We can’t wait to hear from you and listen on the show.   Nicole: Hey, everyone. This week we are releasing another great episode of Best Friends’ Friends. This time it’s our good friend, Jacob Wysocki. I love Jacob so much. I worked with him for two years. And

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