Minisode 86.5

How Did This Get Made? #86.5 June 3, 2014

Are you a fan of very long motorcycle scenes, bad sound recording, and gratuitous tits? Then you are going to love the sequel to Easy Rider. Paul gets into one of the most important debates of all time, is Ernest sexy as fuck or goofy as fuck? This is covered as well as Ernest possibly making a deal with the devil & a deleted scene from Ernest Goes To Jail during Corrections & Omissions. Plus, Paul tells us which Sylvester Stallone character he would like as a father and talks about the new Nicolas Cage biblical thriller while he answers your Qs! Get your tickets now for the LIVE HDTGM shows from Largo in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 19th. 2 shows, 2 movies, 2 surprise guests, and an exclusive piece of merchandise only available at the live shows! Go to for more info.


Be sure to check out Paul’s “Watch It Because It’s Good” movie recommendation Mistaken For Strangers.


Also, you can now check out June Diane Raphael & Casey Wilson in ASS BACKWARDS for free on Netflix & HULU y’all! Don’t forget to grab yourself a brand new HDTGM Daredevil T-shirt over at the Earwolf store and a copy of Paul’s comic book Aliens Vs. Parker now available at!


This episode is sponsored by Cards Against Humanity.

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