January 25, 2024

EP. 337 — Rollerball LIVE!

The HDTGM crew break down the 2002 sci-fi sports flick Rollerball starring Chris Klein, LL Cool J, & Rebecca Romijn. LIVE from the VETS in Providence, Rhode Island, they discuss the opening street luge sequence, the use of night vision, Slipknot’s cameo, and how director John McTiernan went to prison trying to protect his cut of the movie. John-a-ton! John-a-ton! John-a-ton!


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Paul Scheer [00:00:01] Finally, a movie that makes the XFL look like a good idea. We saw Rollerball, so you know what that means.   Music [00:00:15] [Intro Song]   Paul Scheer [00:01:04] Hello people on Earth, and Hello people of Providence, Rhode Island! We are here to talk about a very important movie. That’s right. The 2002 Chris Klein classic. If you hear the audience reacting, it’s because I came dressed as a professional roller baller. That’s right. I’ve tattooed my own number under my eye. Now, if you’ve not seen Rollerball, and I don’t suggest that you do, but if you have not seen it, let me tell you it takes place in the future where sports entertainment has graduated to a new form of roller ball motorcycle hockey basketball. And get this, it’s kind of corrupt. That’s right. The more people get hurt, the higher the ratings go. And when Chris Klein finds out about that, he is confused. And then after multiple people tell

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