Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport: T.G.I.G.O.T.G.OST 2

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus #142 November 24, 2017

T.G.I.G.O.T.G.OST (Thank God It’s the Guardians of the Galaxy Original Soundtrack) with Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport has returned! On a very special episode, the entire cast of Guardians of the Galaxy (except Vin Diesel) joins them to talk about their favorite tracks and answer the show’s core question, “Why did this music make us bop and dance in our seats?”. Later, Traci Reardon arrives to share which are her Twitter followers favorite songs from the soundtrack in another edition of “Help Me, Rhonda.”

This episode is brought to you by Modcloth ( code: LAPKUS30).

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