April 6, 2023

EP. 316 — The Specialist LIVE! (w/ Nicole Byer)

HDTGM all-star Nicole Byer (Grand Crew, Nailed It!) joins Paul, June, and Jason to break down the 1994 Sly Stallone & Sharon Stone thriller The Specialist, a movie that argues bombs are more precise weapons than guns. LIVE from Largo in LA, they discuss James Woods savoring every second on screen, Rod Steigers’ bonkers Cuban accent, and the hotel shower sex scene that reminded Nicole of the hot dog hands in Everything Everywhere All at Once. Bye bye!


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Paul Scheer [00:00:01] (singing) Turn the bomb around. We saw The Specialist. Bastardo! Music [00:00:12] [Intro Song]  Paul Scheer [00:01:10] We are live at Largo talking about a modern day classic, a movie about love, about revenge, and a movie about very precise bombs. If you’ve not seen The Specialist, what do you need to know? Stallone makes bombs. Well, both kinds. Really. If you think about it in the history of this show. But in this movie, Stallone makes explosive bombs. Sharon Stone wants revenge on the people who murdered her parents. So she wants to do it with, you guessed it, a bomb, because as she says, it’s more precise than a gun. We’ll get into all of that. But there are many twists and turns along the way that are dealt out in the most nonchalant way. No underscoring, no churn of music where you’re like, oh, oh, oh. I guess that’s what’s happening now. Great. It’s like someone’s telling you a story, but they don’t k

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